International Conference

«Quantum Field Theory and Gravity (QFTG’14)»
(Tomsk, July 28 – August 3, 2014)
1st Announcement

Local Organizing Committee:
I.L. Buchbinder (Chairman), A.V. Galajinsky, P.M. Lavrov (Vice Charman), V.Ya. Epp (Scientific Secretary), A.N. Makarenko, V.V. Obukhov, K.E. Osetrin.

International Advisory Board:
A. Aminova (Kazan Federal University), M. Asorey (University of Zaragoza), F. Bastianelli (University of Bologna and INFN), M. Chaichian (University of Helsinki), E. Elizalde (Institute for Cosmic Research, Barcelona), D. Galtsov (Moscow State Univesity), S.J. Gates (University of Maryland, College Park), E. Ivanov (JINR, Dubna),  D. Kazakov (JINR, Dubna), I. Khriplovich (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk), S. Kuzenko (University of Western Australia), O. Lechtenfeld (Hanover University), V. Melnikov (Center for Gravitation and Fundamental Metrology, Moscow), L. Mezincescu (University of Miami), V. Mukhanov (L-M Munich University), S. Nojiri (Nagoya University), S. Odintsov (Institute for Cosmic Research, Barcelona), H. Osborn (University of Cambridge), B. Ovrut (University of Pennsylvania), V. Rubakov (Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow),  A. Sagnotti (Scuola Normale Superiore and INFN, Pisa), M. Sasaki (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto), G. Savvidy (Institute of Nuclear and Partical Physics, Athens), D. Sorokin (INFN, Padova Section),  A. Starobinsky (Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chernogolovka), A. Tseytlin (Imperial College, London),  I. Tyutin (Lebedev Physical Institute), M. Vasiliev (Lebedev Physical Institute), R. Woodard (University of Florida), G. Zoupanos (National Technical University, Athens)

The main topics:
Supersymmetric Field Theory, String/Brane Theory, Higher Spin Field Theory, Classical and Quantum Gravity, Cosmology, Field Theory and Mathematical Physics.

Arrival day is July 28th, departure day is August 3rd, the conference days are July 29st – August 2nd. Conference Program will include plenary and section talks and also informal discussions on various problems of modern theoretical and mathematical physics, related to quantum field theory, gravity and their intersections. Conference language is English.

Publication of the Conference Proceedings is planned.

The registration fee, which partially covers break refreshments, social program, welcome party, banquet, transportations and a copy of the Proceedings, is 150 Euro. There is no registration fee
for participants permanently working in the Republics of the former Soviet Union. We recommend young Russian participants to apply to Russian Foundation for Basic Research ( for the grants. Costs for hotel accommodation will be corresponded in the 2nd Announcement. Some restricted financial support from TSPU will probably be provided for young participants. We are going to apply to Russian Foundation for Basic Research and Dynasty Foundation for grants to cover the travel and hotel expenses for some number of participants from the Republics of the former Soviet Union.

We will send you the 2nd Announcement in May, 2014 and a preliminary program of the Conference by the middle of July, 2014.

You are kindly required to register on the Conference web-site:

Please, address all mail concerning the participation and scientific program to the Scientific Secretary of QFTG’14 Vladimir Epp:

V.Y. Epp,
Tomsk State Pedagogical University,
634061 Tomsk, ul. Kievskaya 60, Russia
tel.: +7 3822 52 36 44;  fax: +7 3822 52 17 93

Please provide us as soon as possible the following information:

First Name
Working mail address
Preliminary title of the talk